Disk 1
Time Has Come (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
One Way (Tokyo, Japan)
What The World Will Never Take (Amsterdam, Holland)
'Till I see you (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Take All Of Me (Lisbon, Portugal+Paris, France)
The Stand (Shanghai, China + Vancouver, Canada)
You'll Come (Sydney, Australia)
Break Free (Oslo, Norway)
Look To You (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Where The Love Lasts Forever (Kiev, Ukraine)
Forever (Seoul, Korea)
There Is Nothing Like (London, England)
Tell The World (Jakarta, Indonesia)
All Day (Mexico City, Mexico)

Disk 2
Take It All (Manila, Philippines)
My Future Decided (Memphis, USA)
All I Need Is You (Cape Town, South Africa)
Mighty to Save (Orlando, USA)
Nothing But The Blood (New Jersey, USA)
Hosanna (Berlin, Germany)
Fuego De Dios (Fire Fall Down)(Asuncion, Paraguay)
Shout Unto God (Buenos Aires, Argentina+Copenhagen, Denmark)
Salvation Is Here (Budapest, Hungary)
Love Enough (Sydney, Australia)
More Than Life (Orlando, USA)
None But Jesus (Toronto, Canada + Buenos Aires, Argentina)
From The Inside Out (Rio De Janiero, Brazil)
Came to My Rescue (Be Lifted High)(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Saviour King (Vasteras, Sweden)
Solution (Los Angeles, USA)

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