Track Listing
1. Turning a Little Seasick (parody of "Dirty Little Secret" By The All-american Re
2. Land of Delusion (parody of "Land of Confusion" By Disturbed and Genesis)
3. More Than a Healing (parody of "More Than a Feeling" By Boston)
4. Stupid's Stronghold / Reckless In America (parody of "Cupid's Chokehold / Breakf
5. Miss Martha (parody of "Miss Murder" By Afi)
6. Iraq & Iran (parody of "Jack & Diane" By John Cougar Mellencamp)
7. The Tablecloth (Peter's Vision) (parody of "Over My Head (Cable Car)" By The Fra
8. Transplants (parody of "Dance, Dance" By Fall Out Boy)
9. Bethlehem's Boy (parody of "Best Friend's Girl" By The Cars)
10. Tip from an Angel (parody of "Lips of an Angel" By Hinder)
11. Try Micah (parody of "Drive My Car" By the Beatles)
12. Animals I Have Begun (parody of "Animal I Have Become" By Three Days Grace)

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